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ENTRIES are open through WHOLE YEAR

ENTRIES are open through WHOLE YEAR

Latest training videos

Malinois RC project - getting there 😁πŸ’ͺ Short training with Willa, focusing on discrimination & turns from DW ❀️

Objavil/a Katarina Podlipnik C dne Ponedeljek, 16. oktober 2017

Back home from Slovakia, but "boy" I could get used of training in this hall really easily 😍😁 Bad thing is that all videos I taped with go-pro were lost (if anybody with go-pro hero 5 has any idea why 3 days old camera starts saving the video and then never saves it, let me know πŸ€”). But we had great time and I still have few videos from Willa's training πŸ˜€ I keep sharing her videos lately- partly because I think she has really developed nicely over the last few months and partly because I am really happy to run with her- I do not know how long it will be safe for her to run it (because of ETS), but I plan to enjoy it to the maximum and hope we still have many years of agility ahead πŸ˜€β€οΈ

Objavil/a Katarina Podlipnik C dne Ponedeljek, 13. november 2017

Objavil/a Katarina Podlipnik C dne Torek, 13. marec 2018

Latest competition videos

B.A.C.K is finished and to start with, I loved the competition 😍 I am also SO happy with Willa's runs and how she coped with such a big competition! <3 She was just great - yesterday making exam for A3 and today she was just one "wall" away from her last exam 😁 Her contacts were great and she was most of the time listening and turning perfectly <3 The final run was too hard for us, but we only have about 10 competitions behind us, so we have time -already qualifying for final with her (among so many great dogs) made me really happy 😍 ☺️Here are two of our runs that were actually caught on tape (with big thanks to Alex and Nadine, because Jaka was busy with our stand πŸ˜‚).With Minu it was a different story - I have never felt so dis-connected with her and that final run was probably the worse and most chaotic run we ever had... Based on all that, I decided not to run all runs with her today- first I need to get "my" Minu back and hopefully all this was just one bad weekend "night-mare" (otherwise we really "suck" and that is harder to take πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚).

Objavil/a Katarina Podlipnik C dne Nedelja, 07. januar 2018

Today we went on an "official competition" after a while and Willa, Minu and Leya were just great 😁I am most happy about Willa, who won A1 with a clear run and made her last exam for A2 (yeey, no more getting up too early 😎) 🎊🎊🎊 She also had her first run in A2 and only a knocked bar was between her and her first exam for A3 πŸ™ˆπŸ˜Š And Minki was also perfect, she won A3 run, she won competition, she won Jumping open and I was repeating seesaw in the second A3 run (so dq there). Anyhow, it is so great to be back in the competition ring with Minu and with Willa we are slowly learning to run as a team πŸ’ͺπŸ˜€And let me not forget about Jaka and Leya- for a while I have been trying to convince Leya to run with him (she loves him, but on crowded areas she only trusts me) and it is really improving! They were DQ, but boy she started to run with him so nicely ❀️

Objavil/a Katarina Podlipnik C dne Nedelja, 22. oktober 2017

One of those "proud parents" moments ❀️😁Today we participated on a very special 4fun competition, deidicated to SaΕ‘o- a great man and judge who made a big contribution to Slovenian agility. And this was one of the best, nicest, friendliest competitions I have been in a long time- people gathered to honor the memory of SaΕ‘o and to have fun running agility...Despite all our dogs were great, FIlip was my little star ⭐️ of the competition ❀️He got the chance to run with Nara (thank you again so much to organizers and to judge for allowing him to run, for encouragement and special prize for him) and despite he changed the course numbers "a bit", I think he was just amazing ❀️ He just turned 4 years old (and Nara has 10 years) and we have to work some more on reading the numbers, but he runs agility with all his heart and we couldn't be more proud of him πŸ˜€ All this was even more special, because his "mommy" started with agility in the same club, maaaany years ago 😊

Objavil/a Katarina Podlipnik C dne Sobota, 21. oktober 2017
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