· FUNtastic RC Target

In cooperation with GALICAN I developed a special FUNtastic RC target which was designed specially for the needs of my RC on-line classes. But since it got very popular after it was launched (few months ago), I decided to offer it now also publicly.

The main reason why I decided to design this FUNtastic RC target was, because I was not so happy with “classical” rubberised targets that were on the market (they are usually slippery (specially if dog is turning on the target), hard to fixate on the DW and specially on the floor and they are very similar as DW surface). And since SAFETY is always number one priority when training with me, I am happy to introduce you this NEW FUNtastic RC target, which has much better GRIP then most regular rubberised targets and also special parts for nice FIXATION (which is always very important since moving or slippery target is not only dangerous, but can also cause many problems in RC training).

FUNtastic RC target features:

– it is made from thicker layer of RUBBER granules (applied on a SPECIAL way, to offer the best possible GRIP to the dog and therefore it is NOT SLIPPERY)
– it has 6 STRAPS with CLIPS, which allow you to FIXATE target SAFELY to the DW
– it has 6 holes on the straps, which allow you to FIXATE target safely to the grass/sand with the help of 6 pegs (pegs are included)
– it has ANTI-SLIP POCKET on the back side of the target, which will help you turn target to SOLID one and help you with nice EDGE transition when plank is lowered (you will need that only for the needs of my class)
SIZE: 55cm (which can be cut down to 50cm (or less) for smaller dogs)
COLOURS: BLUE, YELLOW, PURPLE (it is always best to pick colour that is in contrast with the colour of your dog’s feet and that is in different colour than the colour of the contact from the DW on which you usually train on)
PRICE: 60€ (VAT included)

For more information and for ORDERS, write to: podlipnik.katarina@gmail.com

At this occasion I would also like to point out, that it is not OBLIGATORY to have this target to join my RC classes! I mainly designed it to offer students a nice (non SLIPPERY) and SAFE option of rubberised targets… There is also an option to just buy a “gripper roll” and made target out of that material (we will talk about that option more thoroughly in the classes). The main benefit of this FUNtastic target in comparison to “gripper roll” target is, that it can be easily fixated and that it is more durable (specially some crazier and powerful dogs might tear apart targets made from gripper roll sooner). But both options can work.

Price: 60€

TAX is included in the price.

For purchase, please write personal message on FB to Katarina Podlipnik or on my email: podlipnik.katarina@gmail.com