· ENTRIES are open through WHOLE YEAR (FULL)

Is a NEW on-line course, dedicated specially to running different COURSES while focusing on:

  • correct HANDLING
  • finding BEST LINES for every individual dog
  • choosing BEST HANDLING for every individual dog

When joining this class, you receive a map of the course, together with a video of me running the course with my different dogs (medium and large). After that, you post the video of your training and get a personal feedback from me.

In every month you book, you get 3 LESSONS (3 courses + 3 videos). During that time, you can also post unlimited numbers of your videos.

SIZE of the course required in this class is 12mx30m and FULL set of obstacles.


Price for 1 month of HANDLING COURSES class is 75 €.

TAX is included in the price.