· CLASS started 03.08.2016 is FULL (only AUDITORS possible). NEW CLASS starts 05.01.2019.  REGISTRATION will open 05.12.2018

You are welcome to join our ON-LINE class about improving SPEED, MOTIVATION and DRIVE! In this class we will:

  • improve your dog’s PLAY DRIVE by individually developing playing that is best for YOUR dog (regardless, if you have companion breed, working breed, dog with “littermate syndrome”, dog that doesn’t like playing,…).
  • improve your dog’s FOOD DRIVE with various food games
  • learn how to successfully include ALTERNATIVE MOTIVATORS into your training
  • learn about importance of MOTIVATIONAL PUSH when handling (classical and reverse one)
  • learn about importance of FREE STARTS
  • master TUNNEL performance 100%
  • master JUMP performance 100% (including tight turns, “simple out”, “360-out”, “S-out”, forced front cross and “ketchker”)
  • improve you dog’s drive and INDEPENDENCE on single obstacles and later in the course
  • work a LOT on TRUST&RUN “technique”, which will help you with handling any courses
  • learn about importance of CORRECT REWARDING and SINGLE OBSTACLE training
  • teach your dog how to really run and follow your leading hand with fun and simple exercises outside the course
  • discuss how to best prepare your dog for COMPETITIONS
  • learn how to optimally HANDLE your dog and discuss how to SET COURSES in a way that are challenging and at the same time fluent, speed reinforcing and motivational for YOUR dog.
  • with running challenging courses, we will put everything we have learnt in practice

But the heart of the class stays the same with every exercise we do: getting maximum SPEED, MOTIVATION and DRIVE from your dog!  

WHO SHOULD JOIN THE CLASS: the class gets "back to basics" and is a great choice for dogs who are in need of SPEED and MOTIVATION, for SENSITIVE dogs or for YOUNG dogs (from 6 months), whose owners want to set great basics and start agility on FUN and yet very MOTIVATING way.

WHAT YOU NEED TO JOIN THE CLASS: this class is the “upgrade" of the previous ones (with more exercises and courses) and you will need the access to 2 tunnels and 4 jumps to successfully complete the exercises. You also need everything necessary for successfully filming and publishing videos (the easiest is to have youtube channel).

With signing in the class as a WORKING team, you get 3 months of PERSONAL COACHING from me, 6 thoroughly designed exercises and videos from everything we are working on in the class. During that time, you are able to post unlimited number of videos from your training. And based on that, we each time make INDIVIDUAL plan how to continue with your training to get the best from you and your dog.

If you join as an AUDITOR, you are able to see all the videos and exercises and you are able to post unlimited number of questions. But you cannot post your own videos and yo do not get a personal feedback on your training.

Price for WORKING team is 170€ and for AUDITORS 120€.

For more info, you can contact me on fb or through e-mail: podlipnik.katarina@gmail.com

See you in the class! And don’t forget: “somewhere between playing, agility should happen!” 


After completing the payment, you will receive registration email with all additional information (within 24 hours).