· ENTRIES are open through WHOLE YEAR

Private lessons are suitable for all people, who would like to work with me through individual MONTHLY SESSIONS. Every month you book, is designed specially for you and your dog (puppy) and in that time, we work on everything you want, or needs to be improved (and is age appropriate for your dog) like: improving RUNNING contacts, 2o2o contacts, weave performance, turns, independence, mastering different tricks, or solving any kind of individual problems that you have encountered during your agility training.

It is also possible to join private lessons in order to improve SPEED& MOTIVATION or to teach RC, but in that case, it is needed that you first at least AUDIT ON-LINE classes regarding this topic and then continue the training through private lessons.

Price: 70€ per month/for one dog.

TAX is included in the price.

Price for 3-months: 190€ / for one dog

TAX is included in the price.