CLASS that started 24.09.2020 is FULL, only AUDITING possible.

NEW CLASS starts January 2021

After huge success with the “classical” RC class (which is appropriate for dogs older then 10 months), I decided to also open the version for YOUNGER dogs (from 6 months on).

The biggest reason why I decided to open also “YOUNG dog version” of the RC class is, seeing how much my program with TARGET on the floor training helps dog UNDERSTAND and GENERALISE the behaviour and how much less repetitions on plank/DW are needed because of that. And that part of the TARGET training can be without problems done also with younger dogs, since it has low impact on their bodies -it is nothing more then controlled running on the floor (much more controlled running  then my youngest puppy  is ever showing when running in the woods 😅), but at the same time, it challenges the brain and helps you build great understanding. And besides building great UNDERSTANDING of targeting regardless of WHAT is FOLLOWED after target (food machine, toy, wing, “nothing”,…) and regardless of your MOVEMENT, we will also add some games, which will already help with DISCRIMINATIONS (like discrimination between target and tunnel,…) and help us PROOF the behaviour to perfection. Besides that, one REALLY important part of my RC training is also building CORRECT MUSCLE MEMORY of running through target from beginning (we all know that when building muscle/brain memory, it is much easier to teach the dog from beginning the correct behaviour/movement, then having to change and re-write it later). And besides that, building muscle memory also takes time, so starting slower with younger dogs is another benefit. And building CORRECT muscle memory will be also one really important part of training RC with younger dogs, because once dog masters the correct muscle memory of running through target, teaching RC becomes really easy.

With YOUNG dogs RC class, we will of curse also NOT NEED the access to the DW (we will do all foundations with the help of TARGET, FOOD MACHINE, TOYS and PLANK and some obstacles like TUNNEL and WINGS to help us with discriminations, generalisations or with motivational issues). And that is also one of the reasons to open YOUNG dog RC FOUNDATIONS – to avoid people training with too young dogs on the full height DW! Because like mentioned, SO MANY foundations for TARGETING (building correct muscle memory and focus for target) and GENERALISATIONS (adding movement, rewarding with toy, rewarding with food, adding obstacle after target,…) can (and must) be first done AWAY from the DW (and even plank), since that is much nicer for dog’s body and also to avoid bringing conflict to DW training.

And just like with “classical” RC class, we will also in this RC class for YOUNG dogs, pay a lot of attention to probably one of the most important parts of any RC training : ADAPTING the class/method to every individual dog, based on his CHARACTER, SIZE, PHYSICAL ABILITIES,… ! Individual differences between dogs play a huge role when choosing the optimum training for every dog. Because of that, you have many different types of exercises in this class, which will help you get the best from every dog. Like mentioned, the approach of training for crazy, powerful dog cannot be the same as with less motivated, more sensitive dog!

Last but not least, I also put a lot of attention to SAFETY (you get that when you train RC with malinois :)) and that is another reason why I do so many RC foundations away from full DW. We will also talk a LOT about all important equipment SAFETY PRECAUTIONS, which are much more important then you might think, because unsafe conditions are not only DANGEROUS for dogs, but they can also make your RC training much less successful (things like slippery target, ugly edge,… can soon lead into over reaching, getting caught into FF hit pattern, avoiding target,…).

I have experiences of training RC for the past 15 years – all my dogs successfully had running contacts from beginning (Cavalier King Charles, Papillons, Pumis and Malinois). The classical RC has also been huge success from day one and just in the past 3 years, I have had over 1000 RC students ( over 1500 if including also auditors), which all helped me to tailor the class and method to perfection and all that will be included into this NEW FOUNDATION RC class for YOUNG dogs.

So in case you have a (younger) dog with which you want to set GREAT foundations for all further RC training, I really suggest to first join RC FOUNDATIONS for YOUNG dogs and then proceed to classical RC class (students who will first join RC FOUNDATIONS for YOUNG dogs, will have the option of getting big discount when entering the “classical” RC class). And in case your dog has 10 months or more, you are WELCOME to join the FUN with the “classical RC class” (click here).


  • starts on: 24th of SEPTEMBER 2020REGISTRATION is OPEN. 
  • duration: 12 WEEKS (depends how many working days I am away on seminars and I cannot check classrooms- all those days are added at the end)
  • during the class, WORKING teams can post UNLIMITED number  of edited videos and questions and AUDITORS can see all videos and ask questions (but they cannot post their own videos and get individual feedback)
  • price: WORKING team: 225 €, AUDITOR: 180 €

APPROPRIATE for: dogs from 6 months, regardless of (pre)knowledge. If your dog is already familiar with FOOD MACHINE and STATIC toy before this class starts that is great, if not, we will master that together.

EQUIPMENT needed: for the first few weeks, you will need to have a TARGET, “FOOD MACHINE”, TOY and occasionally an access to few WINGS and one TUNNEL (it can be as short as 3-4m). After few weeks, you will also need an access to a (preferably thinner) plank. We will go more into details about equipemnt (size of the target, appropriate plank,...), after you join the class.




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