Since I am currently on maternity leave, there will be few changes regarding RC classes! ?

Biggest change is, that registering for RC classes will be possible through WHOLE YEAR and that coaching will be done through PRIVATE LESSONS (and not anymore as a part of the class). So it is not possible at the moment to book classical WORKING SPOTS, BUT instead you first AUDIT the class (to get access to all exercises and lessons) and then you can at any time book PRIVATE LESSONS if you will need help and you will want from me to comment your videos. To check when dates for PRIVATE LESSONS are available, click here. This new system with private lessons allows you to get help whenever you need it and for as much time as you need it.

IMPORTANT: PRIVATE LESSONS for ADVANCED RC are only possible to book for students, who have already been members (as AUDITOR or WORKING student) of FOUNDATION AND ADVANCED on-line RC class (in case you have only been the member of FOUNDATION RC class, you can at any point decide to audit also ADVANCED class and with that you can enter also private lessons for ADVANCED RC training).

ADVICE: In case you plan to book private lessons for ADVANCED RC training and you haven’t yet been the member of the ADVANCED RC on-line class, I suggest to do that few weeks before you plan to book the private lessons, since that will allow you to get to know the program better before we even start. And since video instructions and lessons are very clear, you can also start with exercises sooner and that will also allow us to progress faster when booking private lessons.

IMPORTANT NEWS/CHANGE regarding RC classes: I have had the chance to observe dogs in foundation RC for over a year now and I couldn’t be more happy and satisfied about the progress they make and  it has also confirmed  how important it is, to set great foundations and start building the correct muscle memory from beginning, because once you do that, successfully finishing the RC training is much easier, faster and understandable for the dog. Because of that I came to an important change in my classes! 

 From now on, I will divide my on-line RC classes to TWO parts:
to FOUNDATION RC class and 
to ADVANCED RC class

That will in practice mean, that FOUNDATION RC class will be MANDATORY for all students (either as WORKING SPOT or AUDITOR), who will want to then join the ADVANCED RC class. BUT because of that, ADVANCED RC class will also have few changes and it will also be cheaper.

I didn’t plan to open an on-line class specifically for RC until recently (also because you already have many great RC classes “on the market” to choose from). But in the last years, I got so many requests to train (or re-train) RC, that I changed my mind, in order to make it easier for everybody (and also to free again the places in private lessons).

You will see in the trailer what this RC class is about. I also gathered videos from some of my student’s trainings, to show you what I believe in when teaching RC. Many times people ask me which method I use, but it is a bit hard to answer, since I have never attended any other RC class and I can’t say I am familiar with other trainer’s methods (except from what I see in their public videos of course).

This RC class is the combination of SHAPING, TARGETING and specially ADAPTING RC training to every INDIVIDUAL dog, which I find really important (criteria, advices and EXERCISES in the class, when training  for example smaller Jack Russel or more sensitive Sheltie or crazy BC are not the same with me).

First and really important thing we do in the class, is generalise the behaviour as much as possible on the “ground” with TARGET TRAINING (away from the actual DW) and put a lot of attention into building CORRECT MUSCLE MEMORY of running THROUGH target from beginning (we all know that when building muscle/brain memory, it is much easier to teach the dog from beginning the correct behaviour/movement, then having to change and re-write it later). Correct target training really helps you improve dog’s understanding before even starting with DW training and at the same time, the number of repetitions needed on the DW, is much lower because of that (and also healthier for dog’s body/joints). Running contacts depend so much on understanding and to proof them, you do not need to train DW after DW after DW…

Another important thing that compliments this RC class training is, using both, “FOOD MACHINE” and TOY, from beginning – to GENERALISE the behaviour to maximum already in early stages and to get the best from every dog, regardless if he is more toy or food oriented.

And probably the most important part of any RC training is ADAPTING the class/method to every individual dog, based on his CHARACTER, SIZE, PHYSICAL ABILITIES,… Individual differences between dogs play a huge role when choosing the optimum training for every dog. Because of that, you have many different types of exercises in this class, which will help you get the best from every dog. Like mentioned, the approach of training for crazy, powerful dog cannot be the same as with less motivated, more sensitive dog!

Last but not least, I also put a lot of attention to safety (you get that when you train RC with malinois) and that is another reason why I do so many RC foundations away from full DW.

I have experiences of training RC for the past 18 years – all my dogs successfully had running contacts from beginning (Cavalier King Charles, Papillons, Pumis, Malinois and Pyr Sheep). This class has also been huge success from day one and just in the past 4 years, I have had over 2000 RC students, which all helped me tailor the class and method to perfection.


APPROPRIATE for: dogs from 11 months, who have previously attended FOUNDATION RC class - as AUDITOR OR WORKING TEAM. In case your dog is younger then 11 months and you haven't attended RC FOUNDATIONS class already, you are welcomed to join RC FOUNDATIONS class, which is appropriate for all dogs over 6 months. For more info, click here

EQUIPMENT needed: you need to have a target (the one we used in foundation class), “food machine”, toy and the access to DW (maximum 2-3 times per week).


(since it is mandatory to be the member of FOUNDATION RC class to book ADVANCED RC class, please write on to get access for REGISTRATION).

PRICE: 170 €
TAX is included in the price.
BOOK PRIVATE LESSONS for ADVANCED RC class (possible after you have been the member of FOUNDATION AND ADVANCED RC class)

NEXT available month to book private lessons is from 7th of March - 7th of April 2023 (FULL)

NEXT available month to book private lessons will be in the beginning of APRIL 2023.

PRICE: 65 €, REGISTRATION will open in the beginning of APRIL!

TAX is included in the price.

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So many foundations for RC can be done away from the DW (and jumps) with correct TRAGET TRAINING. That really improves dog’s understanding before even starting with DW training and at the same time, the number of repetitions needed on the full DW is much lower (and healthier for dog’s joints).

Another example of how much correct TARGET TRAINING can help dog generalise the behaviour of RC. This video is showing a dog, who is for THE FIRST TIME training on a DOG WALK set up! ? All the foundations before this training, were either done on the floor (with target) or on a really lowered plank.